Survival and Emergencies – Dealing With the Panic Attack Personality

You can ask any lifeguard what the most critical point is when saving someone from drowning and they will tell you; when you first approach the victim, the victim’s first response is to grab onto them for support and they end up taking the lifeguard down with them. It’s serious especially someone who is big and strong and it does happen a lot. Sometimes the lifeguard has to clock the person or punch them in the face and stun them in order to save their life, now that is scary stuff.

But, we all must understand that in life and death situations the chaos and controversy can get out of control and when this happens you can expect just about anything including uncontrollable outbursts of panic from folks you always believed to be completely strong willed. So the question in such a situation is; how do you calm them down, and prevent them from triggering similar situations in all those around them?

After all, just like laughter is contagious so is panic and when a mob gets panicked anything can happen, and it is amazing what that fear response on a large scale can cause. People will stampede out of stadiums and crush innocent victims under their feet, in a scene out of the worst horror movie. The trick is to recognize the tipping points of the mob and try to control the few that are psychologically over the edge.

Amazingly enough, talking to them like a child does not always work, and if you do you often get a similar response, they continue to panic and cry with emotional outbursts even more. Instead, you have to stun them, shock them or get their mind to switch into a different realm. There are many ways to do this and psychologists have all sorts of techniques, but its best to learn this stuff in advance of such a challenging situation and before all hell breaks loose; please consider this.

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Survival and Emergency

Many current household terms such as the global warming, floods and the intensification in the sea levels were not as common as they are today. Although I am amongst the people who are skeptical regarding many happenings that are reported by the media, even I would not term the environmental catastrophes such as the hurricanes, seismic activities, and twisters reported by the media as a method of enhancement of their channels ratings or their newspapers, as these happenings are a reality that is showing an escalation in the regularity of its occurrence. It seems as if things are going to get worse with the passage of time.

Regardless of the triggering factors of these emergencies and disasters, there are bright prospects that you’ll have encountered an emergency and survived it and become a survivor or be victimized by it. This choice rests with you.

The question is the measures that need to be taken into account to cope up with emergencies and increase the chances of survival. Normally when people are faced with the problem of say for instance floods, they are not very well prepared for the shortage of electricity and food that follows and the situation is not dealt with meticulously. The first seventy hours can literally be a nightmarish experience post an emergency situation.

Many people resort to buying numerous insurance policies as a result of for seeing a natural emergency or a catastrophe, but almost none have an actual strategy or a first aid kit at hand that can aid you should such a situation present itself. The time when these emergencies were believed not to occur, are times long gone. Today not only just mental notes should be made regarding the survival measures and the preparations for it, but there is a profound need to act on these measures too.

Sarfaraz was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, surrounded by traffic and technology. He writes mostly about diseases, the storybooks, futuristic columns, mysteries, as he likes to call it. He enjoys writing for web.

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